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Vancouver Ventures

Vancouver Ventures is a startup foundry with its own unique approach. Part incubator and part investment firm, we develop business ideas in-house and recruit entrepreneurs to develop these ideas into successful businesses, providing them with the support and training to flourish as co-founders of these companies. Because Vancouver Ventures has an ownership stake in every startup we found, we have a vested interest in equipping entrepreneurs with a proven playbook to develop and execute businesses quickly, efficiently and profitably, with minimal risk. We assist our founders with many of the time-consuming tasks of running a business, freeing them to focus on executing their vision.

With an industry-agnostic approach, our main interest and experience lies in developing, adapting or adopting technologies from IOT, AI, Machine Learning, or data processing for our startups. We are interested in and responsible for generating profits for all the stakeholders that work with us, as long as it shapes the world into a better place. In doing so, we work to transform industries, one startup at a time.


It's about more than just profits - we are trying to improve the world

Our Values

These core company values drive everything we do here at Vancouver Ventures

Improving Communities

Whether it’s a simple solution to an everyday problem, or an ambitious enterprise for making the world a safer place, every business idea we develop must seek to improve life for a community, big or small. This mandate drives the decisions we make around partnering with entrepreneurs and choosing which ideas to develop. Every idea we greenlight must prove its ability to effect positive change in the world.

Disrupting the Status Quo

The best businesses are the ones who set out not simply to do things better than the competition, but to do things fundamentally differently. This is a guiding principle behind the startups built here at Vancouver Ventures. Our companies set out to deliberately disrupt how things have been done in the past, looking toward a future that’s not afraid to break with tradition.

Empowering Entrepreneurs

At Vancouver Ventures, our success comes from the success of the entrepreneurs we recruit as cofounders and CEOs of the startup companies we develop. By providing our CEOs with a broad range of resources and guidance, our goal, every step of the way, is to empower these leaders to excel by realizing their vision and building profitable, exceptional companies.

Brodie Gunning

Brodie Gunning is an investor and entrepreneur based in Vancouver, BC. He currently serves as President of Electrum Charging Solutions, Canada’s leader in EV charging technology. Brodie also serves as director, board member and advisor for several private and public companies, including being a founding partner of Vancouver Ventures, which helps to found, fund and grow startup companies.

Brodie also has considerable expertise in the cryptocurrency sector, including serving as director of Tortooga Pay, and advisor for Blocpal, and Mycelium. His experience includes working with Samsung and TAAL (formerly Squire Mining) with FFD for the manufacturing and development of ASIC chip sets and the mass production of BTC, GPU, and BSV mining systems.

A graduate of Capilano University, Sauder School of Business, and the British Columbia Institute of Technology, Brodie began his career by co-founding The Media Merchants (TMM) which he grew to a multi-million dollar corporation servicing fortune 500 brands and agencies across North America.

David Bhimji

As founding technical partner of Vancouver Ventures, David Bhimji leads the software team in developing solutions around Internet of Things (IoT), Blockchain and machine learning. David also serves as CTO of Electrum Charging Solutions, focusing on research and development of electric vehicle charging technology.

David began his career directly after graduating from Simon Fraser University co-founding Digital Hospitality, one of Canada’s leading digital marketing agencies for the hotel industry. In 2018, David expanded Digital Hospitality’s technical team and founded a sister company, Productivv Technologies, which develops, deploys and maintains advanced technology solutions for businesses of all kinds.

As part of the VVS group, Digital Hospitality and Productivv combined employ nearly 50 full time employees and have delivered over 500 custom client applications including websites, e-commerce solutions, apps and secured intranets.

David’s passions are in software architecture, data modeling and working to understand complex technical problems.